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TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers)
After establishing a reputation in project engineering and in the manufacture of equipment ATV diversified into product manufacture.

True to its style company s maiden venture is a versatile product having extensive applications in several industries thermoplastic elastomers (tpe) of styrene butadiene styrene type under the brand name ATV Prene. ATV is the first manufacturer of SBS type TPE in India the 125 crore plant at Nagothane in Maharashtra has been set up with the latest technology from Filex corporation USA.

TPE s are specialty polymer products which can perform like themoset rubber and have the economic processability of thermo plastics being a thermoplastic material ATV prene can be processed on all plastic processing machineries viz injection moulding extrusion thermo forming and blow moulding. The components can also be moulded on a compression press or on rubber processing equipment like roll mills or kneaders all the machinery used for processing PVC can be used to process TPE without any medications by just adjusting the processing parameters.

A major use of TPE is as a soling material for formal luxury and sports shoes. The processing time for TPE soles is just one twelfth the time required to process conventional SBR, thereby drastically reducing costs. Besides, as SBR requires vulcanizing, irreversible process, and defective soles have to be discarded. On the contrary defective TPE soles can be recycled and reused.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) used in soles becomes brittle at low temperature. PVC can be recycled for a maximum of 2 to 3 times and can be used only with the addition of a virgin material, TPE can be recycled independently any number of times and the recycled TPE can be processed as it is.

The next major application of TPE is in Bitumen/Asphalt modification: roofing, waterproofing, construction of roads and runways. It improves the adhesive strength, impact strength, servicing temperature range low temperature properties and durability.

TPE is used in wire and cable sheathing and being non toxic can also be used in food contact and medical applications.

TPE is used in adhesives-hot melt adhesives, pressure sensitive tapes, labels, sealants, coatings and contact adhesives.

TPE is in Polymer Blends and Modifications to improve impact strength tear strength, stress crack resistance, low temperature flexibility and elongation of polymers such as PP, HD, LD, PS, etc.

TPE is used in mechanical rubber goods-washers, bushes, hoses, bellows, channels, plug, covers, handgrips and gas tubings

TPE is used in medical equipment like syringe stoppers, bulbs/bladders, tubing serum caps needle shields rubber valves etc.

TPE is used in automotive components like window profiles, spark plug boots, bumpers shock, absorbers, valves, diaphragms, seals, mats and gaskets.

Apart from being an import substitute product TPE has a tremendous export potential. And TPE s worldwide market of 700,000 tons is growing by 5.6% annually.

The sole manufacturer of a wonder product with a large domestic demand and a potential foreign exchange earner, it’s Advantage ATV, all the way.