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TPE (Compounding)
ATV s quest for maximising customer satisfaction has led it beyond just manufacturing a wonder product.

The company has entered into an agreement with API, a world renowned Italian company involved in TPE compounding. ATV has obtained the complete know how including the manufacturing process, technical services and specifications of compounding formulations. In addition, technical data on the best available additives such as fillers, oils, stabilizers, pigments etc required for TPE compounding have also been obtained.

The company’s engineers are trained at API s plant in Italy in the manufacture of various compounds. This includes maintenance of equipment, and instruments and also quality control methods.

ATV has set up a Product Development Center to solve customer problems and to render technical support services. Staffed with highly qualified and experienced Polymer Engineers and Technologists, the center conducts basic tests on compounding formulations. Custom based formulations are developed for specific customers after extensive trials. The Centre is constantly in touch with API to resolve all technical problems. ATV’s team of experts is thus well equipped to provide reliable and timely service to customers.

ATV’s association with API is part of its strategy of tapping the best and latest technology in the field for its valued customers.

ATV s technical collaboration also gives it access to the latest developments in TPE compounding technology and applications. API will also assist in exporting ATV products in the international market.